Engineered with high-modulus and fiber-loaded stock, AGRI variator belts deliver both stability and flexibility.
This design enhances their load-carrying capacity and extends their lifespan.
Additionally, our range of banded and bandless agricultural variator belts is optimized for all types of agricultural, variable speed drives.
The Movendis PowerPlus variator belts, specifically crafted for agricultural use, are capable of withstanding any rigorous agricultural application, including combine harvester threshing drum variators, ventilator/tailings blower applications, reel applications, ground traction drives, and cutterbars.

Agriculture Variable Speed Belt
Agriculture Variable Speed Belt


  • High grade EPDM rubber : high temperature resistance up to +130°C and high abrasion
  • Withstand posi-torque variator side wall forces
  • Handles high linear speed
  • Maintains threshing RPM for efficient
  • grain rentability
  • Gets the harvest done
  • Oil and heat resistant
  • Maximized belt life
  • OE performance
  • Improved threshing performance


Top fabric
Aramid Cord
High Aramid fibre loaded rubber
Special big notche for Agri application


(H = Agri Heavy duty construction)
Width ofrom 28 up to 100 mm


600 – 5000 mm
Manufactured to ASAE S211.5 standard