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Understanding the needs of agricultural equipment, Movendis Group presents a tailor-made Agricultural Belt Programme.
This extensive selection of agricultural replacement belts is suitable for a wide variety of uses on combine harvesters, forage harvesters, mowers, rakes, tedders and balers and tractors.
The initiative guarantees reliable and durable operation under the toughest conditions encountered by farming machinery. Movendis agricultural belts are manufactured to match the quality of original equipment and deliver outstanding performance.

Agricultural belts are subjected to some of the most demanding conditions imaginable.

Combine harvesters and tractors operate outdoors, frequently in direct sunlight, leading to elevated temperatures. The common use of relatively small tensioners adds considerable stress to the belts, causing significant deformation and increased temperature. Moreover, these belts encounter dust, dirt, stones, and other foreign objects that can get caught between the belt and the pulley.

Given these challenging conditions, it’s essential to use belts that are specifically designed for agricultural applications. These belts are manufactured to specifications that can endure such extreme environments.

You can trust Movendis !

Movendis provides the agricultural replacement market with a premium selection of replacement belts for heavy-duty power transmission applications.

These belts are expressly engineered for the demanding drives found in farming machinery, offering robust performance and reliability.