Movendis is at the forefront of creating cost-effective and energy-efficient belt drive solutions.
We are introducing our Hexagonal special Agri double V-belts, with reinforced Polyester or Kevlar cord.
These belts incorporate double wrapped high strength tensile fabric that offer exceptional resistance to flexing forces, making them the perfect choice for “serpentine” drives that require power transmission from both the top and bottom of the belts.
Also available as Cogged Raw Edge hexagonal V-Belt based in EPDM up to +140C high temperature resistant
For applications demanding power transmission on both sides, Movendis double V-belts are the ideal solution, powering your most challenging equipment, including combine harvesters, forage harvesters, flail mowers, and more.

Hexagonal V-Belt
Hexagonal V-Belt


  • Suited for serpentine drives
  • Shock load resistant
  • Improved bending flexibility
  • Smooth running characteristics
  • Transmit power on both sides
  • High length stability
  • Aging -resistant & Ozone resistant




600 – 11000 mm
Manufactured to ASAE S211.5 standard